Burn from .mdf not recognized: Alcohol 120%, Nero, UltraISO, ISOBuster



I have a .mdf/.mds image of a game that I own. I am attempting to burn the image to disc and am encountering an error.

First I will point out that I have successfully mounted the image to a virtual drive through MagicDisc. Running the game this way has no problems at all. I still wish to burn the game to disc, however.

The problem is that when I attempt to play the game off the disc it always gives the error “Cannot find game disc, please insert disc and try again.” I don’t understand how my image works when mounted to a virtual drive but isn’t recognized when it’s burnt to a disc. The only thing I can think of is that some type of hidden file isn’t being transferred during the burn.

So far the steps I’ve tried to burn are:

  1. Extract the contents of the .mdf using ISOBuster and burn through Nero
  2. Convert the .mdf to .iso using UltraISO and burn through Nero
  3. Burn the .mds directly using Alcohol 120%

I’m stumped and would appreciate any help that anyone has to offer.


Assuming this a game for the PC, it sounds to me like it might be some sort of copy protection i.e. the game is looking for the original disk and finding that the copy is different (every burnt disk is unique, only pressed ones are identical).

There are various tools out there for identifying copy protection schemes, personally I would check out http://gamecopyworld.com/ first as they’ve probably done all the work for you; it’s a great site and helped me backup loads of my Playstation CDs.




Thanks, Midders. That makes sense.

I usually swear by gamecopyworld, but their crack for this particular game is a little sub par.

You’re probably right, but I would still love to be able to burn this.


[QUOTE=PyredUp;2103480]but I would still love to be able to burn this.[/QUOTE]

Better burn it as data file,that way you still have to mount it,but at least the image will work.
The problem with some recent copyprotected discs,is that a few softwares,like Daemon-Tools Pro and Alcohol 120% can create a working image with some tricks,but that there"s no way to make it work on a physical disc when burned back…