Burn from HD?

I’m trying CloneDVD to make a backup and when I insert a fresh DVD it tells me to insert another DVD. So I put another (Verbatim -R) in and start the burn process… but nothing happens when I come back in an hour. The files are saved on the HDD as a AUDIO_TS & a VIDEO_TS file. So if I want to burn this movie from the HDD files, should I be using CloneDVD or Nero or what?

You should use CloneDVD and take the time to read its manual.

Click on Write Existing Data from the CloneDVD2 first page and on the second page (left-hand side under Source - DVD Movie Files) browse to the VIDEO_TS folder that you want to burn. On the right-hand side click on DVD writer, then choose preferred speed, enter the disc title in Volume Label, then click on GO.

He could use CloneDVD but not a must be, Nero does it well, too. :wink:

One usually dosen’t recommend Nero in the CloneDVD Forum…

The question was to burn the files with Nero or CloneDvd, right answer: Both!
In this case it doesn’t matter :wink: