Burn files in specific order

How can I force the compilation to burn the files in the order I decide?

By numbering them from 1 to …

If they’re MP3s (or any other file WinAmp can load) I use WinAmp and a plugin called ‘Playlist Unpacker’ that copies the files to a directory and adds ‘PL001, PL002, … PL00X’ as a prefix to the filenames.

what about doing it using Nero? how is it done

[QUOTE=duah;2109992]what about doing it using Nero? how is it done[/QUOTE]

It is done in the same way as most other burning software…but you don’t give any information at all.
Are yuou trying to burn an audio Disc or a normal data disc with a lot of mp3s or other audio files on it?
either way the foolproof method is to rename the files so that the are then listed in the order you want them to play back in.
So if the files are named:
track one.mp3
track two.mp3
track three.mp3
then you need to change them so that there is a number at the beginning…
01_track one.mp3
02_track two.mp3
03_track three.mp3
That will put them in the correct order.
It goes without saying that you can make them into any order you like…like so:
01_track three.mp3
02_track one.mp3
03_track one.mp3
So you see, you just put the numbers in the order that you want your files.

WAV files use a two digit system(01,02,03etc.)
MP3 files use a three digit system(001,002,003etc.)

The same way I suggested. Just burn from the renamed directory as ‘Data’…

I use simple ABC