Burn Files at the End of DVD



let my try to explain what i’m trying to do

bland dvd is 4.35gb, what i want to do is keep the first 2.35gb burned with nothing ( zeros and ones) and the other 2gb lets say with actuall data.

reason behind this is: data at the end will read faster then at the begging.

are there any programs that would allow to do that?



use a fake-file maker and create a 2gb file. those fakefile makers were used in the ftp warez scene, when there was a download ratio on the server. i have no other idea, you might google for such a tool and then be careful which site you surf on :smiley:


ok, thanks i will try that


any one else?


i know its a old thread

but were there any tools out there that would allow to do this?

there is one for making xbox images.


I understand completely what you are trying to do and padus discjuggler does it under the option to “optimise for CAV drives” when mastering a new disc.

You can only do it when mastering files to burn and not for images but thats kinda expected as the burn would no longer be the same as the image.


make sure you use a high quality disc if you use this option as read errors are more
prone at the outer edge of discs