Burn faster than cd supports

I have a plextor PX-W1210A (12/10/32A) with version 1.10 of the firmware.

I have a couple of 4x CDrw’s, but burning on 4x is so slow…
In nero i cannot choose for a higher speed, but is there any way to do so?
(other burning software??)

If they are 1-4x, that is the limit of the media architecture, if they are 4-10x, then the only likely method would be more recent firmware, if available.

I have some 4x Princo media (by CompUSA) that will only burn at 2x in my old HP 8250i (aka Philips 4x4x24 with latest OEM firmware), which is rotten. I still have about 75 discs left too.