Burn failure reports

I have successfully made slideshows in the past with no problem using a Sony 830u and Nero 7 software.

Today I had three burn failures on a project and tried slowing down the rate to 12X and then 8X and even took out some pictures that I thought might have been causing a problem because they came out scrambled on the monitor during the burn process.

I saved all three failure reports but I don’t see anything obvious in them. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can look for in the reports that would give me an idea of the cause of the problem or, any suggestions.
Thank you

Posting an error log would very helpful here.

Could you post the failure reports.

Pardon my ignorance. Is there a better way than the standard copy and paste for me to post these lengthy reports. I am timing out while I am uploading my response. Hank

If you use the Go Advanced option & then Manage Attachments you can add a text file as an attachment. Works well.


Sorry for the ‘Echo Post’.

I didn’t notice when posting, you was 1 min faster.

Congrat TimC with your recent assignment as moderator, well deseved.


Sorry for the delay. Here are the error parts of all three burn failures. They seem to be the same. I hope this helps point out the problem.

error reports.txt (2.57 KB)

The full log is needed really I’m afraid.

Tim, the full log is 335 KB and the limit on your attachment upload is 97KB.

Fair enough.

I’ve just sent you a PM.


I got the log & have PM’d you about it.

It just looks like Nero is trying to burn to the CD writer rather than the DVD writer you selected.

I’ve suggested a reinstall of Nero and/or creating an ISo image & burning with ImgBurn.

Thanks for the help Tim I see the problem and will be sure to check the destination in the future.

I am still trying to learn all I need to know to get Nero to do the basics. Much of it has been my lack of understanding of their technical terms and references but it is slowly coming to light.

Reading the posts on this site have helped a lot.