Burn failure - possibly DVD43 related

I have been making archive copies of my DVDs using DVD43, DVDshrink43 and Nero. Suddenly last week, all I get are “failure to burn” and coasters.

I received the same results on my second computer.

Perhaps it was the media, so I tried a different brand media with the same results.

Then I went back to my previous method, which was to use RipIt4Me, DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink, and the discs burned correctly.

I am now reasonably certain that the discs are OK, and that DVDShrink & DVDDecrypter work OK. It would appear that either DVD43 and/or Nero is/are the culprit. Since I can still burn optical media with Nero, it’s probably DVD43.

I then uninstalled and reinstalled Nero, DVDShrink and DVD43, in that order, with no improvement on either computer. Since this is affecting 2 different computers my guess is that it is possibly an update, since I can’t think of anything else that would produce this problem at the same time on 2 different computers on which the software previously worked without error.

I’d prefer to use DVD43, as it’s much faster than DVDDecrypter, but for now I’m back to RipIt4Me.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, have you resolved it?