Burn Failed



I tried to burn a DVD of a movie recorded on a Media Center PC. I usually use Sonic MyDVD for this, but the movie exceeds 4.7G and MyDVD doesn’t compress. So I used Nero to transcode the movie - all seemed to go well - and then started burning with Nero Recode. Got about a third of the way through before it failed. Received “Failed to write files” error on VTS_01_2.VOB. Seems it failed to write files on 3 lines in that VOB.

I’m using Nero 6 Ultra - registered - and writing to an HP DVD Writer 300c, using Ritek 2.4X DVD+R media.

The writer is up-to-date on firmware and copies DVDs without any problems using CloneDVD.

Does this sound like a problem with my VOBs, or is it possible that recorded TV from a Media Center just doesn’t transcode well?

The Ritek media has been very reliable till now, and this is actually the first burn that’s failed in about 35 - 40 burns.



One test could be that you waited with the burning and made the output to your hard disk. Then open the files in a media player to see if that’s works.

Another test is if you use another compressing program. Maybe there is a bug in Nero. You could try out DVD Shrink - you will find it at this location;



Thanks Cynthia.

I’ll give DVDShrink a try!