Burn failed

Burn failed in the last two versions of ratdvd ratDVDSetup-0.7.1235 and ratDVD 0.7.1239 treid burning with nero and Alcohol 120% don’t recondize format dvdr file and there no option to go to VIDEO_TS anymore? :sad:

Have a cdrw drive and dvdrw drive.

Looks like it a bug.


Nice Tool!

I’ve tried out last night, and first I was a little bit confused: During decoding to a normal DVD, only a single file was created.

I recognized a little bug during selection of target folder: If there is no backslash at the end, just a single file will be created… Adding a backslash, ratDVD creates the VOB-Files in selected folder.

Hope the information is helpful!


:rolleyes: Wether I got you wrong or you don’t understand the function of ratDVD!!!

ratDVD puts a full featured DVD in a SINGLE .ratDVD Container File! :cop:

yes and you can convert back to a dvd format as well to a VIDEO_TS then burn with nero.The point of this format was to share a dvd on the internet with compressed format with all the menus and extra’s.

Can confirm that if you put \ ie:back slash works ok in versions .ratDVDSetup-0.7.1235 and ratDVD 0.7.1239. :clap: