Burn failed with status 3 - WTF?

I’m using Nero 8 and when I try to burn a transcoded DVD of some episodes from Arrested Development (US TV show), I get an error “status 3”. What’s strange is that I don’t have a problem burning other DVD files/movies, etc. I’m using a brand new Pioneer DVR-215D and Imation DVDs (yeah, I know, not the best quality media but haven’t had problems with any yet).

what possibly could be going on here?


Please post a burn log & remember to remove your serial # before posting. This guy probably didn’t think it was the media either. He didn’t get much help by the looks of it, hopefully you get more help here.


thanks but after posting that, I had a brainstorm and tried burning the files with convertxtoDVD.

it worked!

no hiccup, no fuss, no muss… perfect burn.

it is nice to have Nero 8 for its eye candy menu effects but still… nothing beats having a backup.

so if someone else finds this in the future… get an alt burner!