Burn failed message



New user to DVD FAB Gold. All the DVD’s I backed up during the free trial worked flawlessly. I purchased DVD fab Gold and it worked for a while, then I started getting “burn failed” messages using nero and VSO. Updated to 3.0.5 still didn’t work. Downloaded Beta version. Still wont work. Getting error code 116.

Reads, encodes, and saves just fine, just WON’T burn. Wanted to buy this program for wife’s computer, but reconsidering now. Any ideas??



Hi Coop and welcome to the forum. If it worked once, it can be made to work again. Have you changed blank media? Will your burner work with other projects burning DVDs? How long does it burn before the error code pops up? Are you now using the beta?


I [B]have[/B] switched blank media, but the TDK+R’s work fine with the free version of DVDFAB gold on my wife’s computer.

I am using the beta version. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the failures. Most times it is in the middle of burning, but at the VERY beginning and very end of others.

I have tried using Nero burn instead of VSO. And have tried burning with the “set booktype to dvd-rom” checkbox both checked and unchecked.

No other programs which would conflict with DVDfab are installed.

I really like the ease of use of this program when it works, but it is becoming too hard to deal with. Thinking of looking for another software solution.


There is not a free version of DVDFab Gold, it is a trial of the full functioning software.



A good burn requires compatability between the burning software, the burner firmware and the blank media. Blanks that are OK on one machine may fail every time in another. :frowning: Can you either 1) get some of the former blank media you used that worked and try it or2)try your wife’s burner in your machine?


Is your PC are fragmented? Try and do a de-frag.


Do a <ctrl><alt><delete> and see what programs and processes are running. Also check the amount of resources being used. Nero can also conflict with DVDFab under certain conditions. May need to do some computer maintenance such as malware scans, registry cleaner, and defrag HD. When a program works good, and then starts having problems it is usually caused the bits and pieces of garbage left by windows when closing programs.



You may find other software that can do some of these functions but I don’t think you will find support like there is on this forum. Many solid suggestions! :bigsmile:


Replace my mis-typing of the word “free” with the word “trial” and it will make sense to you. But thanks for your expertise and time.




I had hoped that your problem had been fixed since we hadn’t heard from you. Since you bumped I guess that’s not the case :frowning: . Have you tried the new beta What results did you have with any of the other suggestions you might have tried? Symptoms unchanged? Sorry you’re still having trouble.