Burn fail using Nero

All my movies on HD are AVI format. Have used Nero Vision Express 2 to burn AVI files that are approximatley 700 MB but can’t burn larger files. Have tried using Nero Burning Rom with Blank DVD Nero 60019 for larger files but that fails. Is it possible to burn AVI files using Nero Buring Rom or do I have to use another program to change AVI to another format.

I tried posting the HiJack file containing the Nero burn fail message but was timed out.

Apppreciate your help.

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Nero Vision shouldn’t have much problem converting movies over 700mb as far as I’m aware. It’ll convert these to fit either a single layer DVD (DVD5) or a dual layer DVD (DVD9) or to formats that will be burned to a CD (VCD/SVCD)

To view these files on a standalone player you either have to have a Divx compatible player, where you just create a data disc , or convert them to either VCD/SVCD or DVD movie format.

To be honest I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here.

I’ve used Neo over 180 times to burn AVI files but it wouldn’t burn those that are larger than 701 MB. I use NeroVision Express 2. When I add the AVI files that are over 701 MB (ie: 800 MB) to Nero they are over the 4.7 GB limit. If I use Nero Burning Rom the burned DVD is incompatible with my stand alone DVD player.

Thanks for you input.

In NVE 3 you can certainly reduce the quality setting to fit a DVD5.

As an alternative you can always write the output to folder/files & then compress it to fit with DVD Shrink. The quality this way might be better anyway.

I think an update to Nero would be good, certainly on the Vision Express side.