Burn errors

I’ve been using shrink and decrypter without any issues on actual media type.While giving clonedvd a try I’ve had burn errors where the process stops approx halfway and I get a media write error and I have a coaster.This happens with sony,ritek,and memorex “-” media.Now when I try the same thing with “+” media the burn process does just fine.Does clonedvd just work with + media or am I missing something?


What version of clonedvd you’ve also your drive has the latest firmware?
Actually ritek, memorex and some sony media aren’t the best media.

The ver of clonedvd is ver also have two drives:
A lite on 1673s and a sony dru-800A.
I get the same result with both using “-”.And both work fine with the +.
Firmware is up to date on both.


giving the brands of the media doesn’t tell us anything.

media IDs are what’s important because they tell who made the media. you can determine this in teh disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed.

it’s quite possible its still a media issue even though you’ve tried such a variety. without knowing which media worked (what media ID were the +) and which didn’t (which were the -) we can’t really deduce anything.

i assume that your drives are capable of writing both + and -…

clonedvd does not support -R DL, but if you’re burning SL media then there has to be some other explanation…

According to nero:
memorex+ made by CMC (this is the media that worked)
memorex- made by CMC (failed)
ritek- made by ritek (failed)
sony- made by unknown (failed)

the drives support both +/- and are dual layer

none of the media is dual layer

Something else that may or not help is I’m saving these files to the hard drive with clone then trying to write to disk.I’ve even tried saving as ISO with same result.I have been able to run these same files thru shrink and get a good disk.

Then i would try some other -R media maybe Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim but not the PearlWhite ones.

These programs care not what media you use, but your burners care a lot. If your media is of poor grade and your burn speed too fast, then you will have problems. Use good media and 4X burn speed for best results.