Burn Empires Dawn ISO

I have the following files:
2 ISO’s
2 cue’s
1 Msinfo Document

and I have the program Alcohol 120%

How do i burn the game (Empires dawn of the modern world) to CD?
I heard it has many copyright things that block it from working properly, and please explain in detail (step by step would be nicer) , as I have never burnt an ISO before.


Welcome to the forum sunwukung,

where did you get those files?

On CD Freaks we do NOT condone piracy. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt. ISO/Bin and Cue cannot hold the nessessary Copy Protection information to make a good backup. Please make the images under a different file format.

Hmm… 1 Msinfo document? lol :smiley:

Thread closed.

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