Burn DVD's with Nero

When I select a new compilation, I am only able to select CD’s. The DVD option just isn’t there. Is it just my system? Thanks.

You can’t select DVD in addition to CD? Is this a new problem? Try to remove/reload Nero.

CD is the only option available.

Look here

Mine still works after the upgrade. I have the dropdown with CD and DVD.


Mine works as well

The problem is NOT NERO, but a different program. Thanks guys

Can you say what the program is? I seem to have this same issue on one PC.

This is becoming irritating. Many people that ask here for help and finally solve the problems by themselves, don’t bother to write the way they did it

I have seen this several times as well. It would be nice if when a person found a solution, they came back and said what it was instead of just saying, “Thanks, it’s fixed now.”.

The problem is DVD Region+CSS free 5.70. A new DVD sys.dll is available in their forums. I’m still at work so I have not tried it yet. It’s available here.

I apologize. I just didn’t realize anyone was interested. The problem I am experiencing is caused by DVD region+CSS free. More specifically v5.70. A fix is the works.

I quite agree.What’s the use to run a forum on anything if one can’t come back after solving the computer problem and simply say how it was remedied.People who do that should be banned.