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i’m trying to burn a dvd 2 different ways and can get no results either way.

the first using dvdfab platinum. i put in my movie, select main movie, check or uncheck the boxes that i want when it is finished i select write data, place my disc in which is a tdk dvd-r. select my source, (the movie is in a temp folder) and then start. when it is finished and done finializing, there is nothing on the disk, it will not play in any of my dvd players. not sure what i am doing wrong.

the second is with shrink. i copy the movie to my harddrive with shrink, then use dvdfab platinum to write it an error comes up saying this is a single layer disk a double layer disk needs to be inserted…i’m sorry but i don’t know what this means…can you help???

Hi melmiller
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If you selected MAIN MOVIE to use why select WRITE DATA :confused: should have just clicked start :smiley:

1.) Open DVDFab Platinum, select your mode for the backup on the left side
2.) Put the DVD movie you are going to make a backup copy of into your DVD drive, the movie title will appear in the source drop down window
3.) In the target drop down window chose the location of your DVD Writer that will be used to do the burning of the disc
4.) At the bottom of the screen choose the size of the blank medics disc you will be using for the backup in the drop down window with the word Quality next to it, DVD5=compression and DVD9=no compression
5.) Depending on if you have one or two DVD Writers hooked to your computer,
[B]a[/B].) If you only have one DVD Writer connected to your computer then you will have to wait until the program has finished the copying process to your hard drive and then you will be asked to insert a blank media disc into the drive,
[B]b[/B].) If you have two DVD Writers connected to your computer put in the original disc into one of the DVD drives(making sure this drive is selected as the Source),
And put a blank media disc into your other DVD drive(making sure this drive is selected as the Target),
After the program reads and copies the movie from the DVD Drive that contains the original DVD disc the program will then start the burning process to the DVD Drive containing the blank media disc
6.) Click the start button at the lower right corner to start the process

Best settins for Write in common settings is

Write Speed…4x or 8x (I use 4x)
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box)

You must be backing up some older DVDs if you can copy them to HD with shrink. The way most likely to be successful is the one Storm Jumper Suggested.


i followed your directions and changed the settings, it still does not work. i use the same discs that i have used with other software and had no problems, although i started having problems with the software that’s why i switched to dvdfab. i’m going to reinstall the software and see if that works. any other suggestions? thanks


acersmall and melmiller

Please post a burn log so that we can see what is happening during these failed burns. Directions for doing this if needed are in the bottom link in my sig.

Your blanks “tdk dvd-r” :eek:
Besides the above suggestions , try better media…eg. verbatims or TY’s (Taiyo Yuden)… :slight_smile:

Do you use the original Disc and is it in good shape or are you trying to copy a movie that was backed up with another program? You stated that you previously used another program, so that program may be conflicting with Fab. You need to post more info.

Describe you problem in more details. Also equipment and brands that you are using.

check what default size DVDfab is using for DVD-R single layer media. the problem may go away if you change the field in common settings from 4.3GB to 4.47GB