Burn DVD with CopyToDVD or Plextools?




I burn DVD+R’s from my edited home movies with CopyToDVD and a Plextor PX-760A.

I would like to know if there is an advantage in creating an ISO-file with CopyToDVD first (f.i. for having the layer break calculated) and then burn the ISO-file with Plextools. It is not clear to me if the Plextor Autostrategy Database is used when burning is initiated by CopyToDVD.



As you have mentioned, you can calculate the layer break when making an .iso first. That’s the advantage. So the question is more is there a disadvantage. :bigsmile:

I would carefully say there is none. But I can’t say anything about CopyToDVD. If it makes perfect .iso-files - and why shouldn’t it make perfect ones, that’s not a very complex function - then there shouldn’t be one.

AS: I use EMC9 and it shows the Plextor specific features like PowerRec. AS I’m not sure right now. But anyway, normally the LED is flashing in 3 different colors when AS is creating a new strategy. You could watch the LED while forcing a new strategy. But isn’t AS independent from outside burning software commands anyway?

I hope better help by other members is on the way… :slight_smile:


Hi George, thanks for responding.

When I use CopyToDVD for burning, I cannot see anything but the selected and actual speed, nothing like PoweRec or AS. I was just wondering what goes on under the hood as I made two burns with Plextools of an ISO file created by CopyToDVD and in both cases the TA test came out better. However, this may be a coincidence.

I posed the same question on the VSO Software subforum but got no response from there up to now.