Burn DVD which works but jumps at the end


bit of a newbie obversely and I have spoken to quiet a few people about this. I have built quiet a large collection and unfortunately have lost a number as well due to different reasons, (people borrowing never returning and not keeping track, theft and other reasons) anyhow to help stop this I have decided to copy my collect and only allow friends to borrow them and I am also keeping a track of them…

Now when I burn the DVDB I use DVD shrink and also have AnyDVD installed… I have the latest version of both… So I open DVD shrink put the dvd in open the disc and go backup… I lower the speed to 2.4 (as was suggested) and I am using 4x disc in a 8x burner (LiteOn SOHW 812s no firmware updates since i got it 6-8mths)… anyhow the beginning of the DVD is great… but at the end it jumps and carry’s on… put the disc in the DVD drive of the computer and it plays not a problem… any DVD player in the house (have 3) all jump… what am I doing wrong or what is wrong? I have nearly gone through a spinndle of 50 and only had 1 success… it is driving me nuts… can anyone help with ideas???

if you need more info just ask happy to let u know… oh and I am running WinXP SP2 with IE6.1 sp1 if that helps…


Sounds very much like crummy media. What’s the media code?

If you find the media is less than optimal, Wolfie1980, take a good look at the lengthy forum on Lite-On hardware. My 812 loves memorex 8X +R media, media code Prodisc R03. No problems playing them in any machine, especially if burned as a booktype DVD.

Download this free program to read the media code (true manufacture) off your disks.
Problems like this are almost always poor media or media that your drive doesn’t like. Also, consider running kprobe scans to see how good the burns are (look in the media forum for info on kprobe).
Another sugestion. Look in the liteon forum for options with firmware. Their are some exelent hacked firmwares and tools for liteon drives.

if it is only jumping at the end, then try setting your target size to about 4300MB in shrink.

select custom in drop down menu and set size to 4300 :wink:

it will keep from burning to the edge of the disc

I’ve done that when I was silly enough to buy junk. :wink: Only way I could get some use out of them.

Thanks heaps everyone you have given me some food for thought… I will try some different media and these little links and do some reading as well… again Thanks heaps everyone…