Burn dvd to multiple drives simultaneously on the fly

i want to burn dvd to multiple drives simultaneously on the fly.
i use the Gear pro professional program to do something like this but this program first take image then write this image from hard to recorder. but i want to do this on the fly.
i have 4 recorder and i want put source in one of them then burn to other 3 recorder simultaneously on the fly without wasting time for the taking image.
thanks for your help.

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Sorry to say though, that there’s little chance that you can do that. A normal PC can’t keep up with the throughput of data necessary.

Even with ‘on-the-fly’ copying at 1:1 you are taking a risk.

I agree with the MOD unless your rig has a serious setup for multiple drives on mutiple controller ie example a single burner connected to one IDE port and another on the second port for doing copy the fly. Plus if the source has errors it will produce it at the same time to the blank media thus rendering the copy a coaster. I know I did this copy on the fly and the source was bad and I wasted a DL media in the process that I could’ve saved.

thanks for your answer.
so it’s better i have all images on hard drive then burn that imaged to multiple recorders simultaneously. which hard drive do you suggest ?
or dvd duplicator device is the better option ?
does duplicators support sata device ?

Probably a duplicator would suite your needs assuming they aren’t to expensive to buy or rent. Just do a search, I think there are some threads where users did talk about duplicators.

at least anybody know a program user friendlier ! than Gear pro professional and with more options in it ?