Burn DVD to DVD?



AnyDVD is a region and encryption remover, what you need to copy is CloneDVD which is by the same people. They work together to make it easier to copy DVDs. CloneDVD has a free trial period so you can try it to see if you can get it to work before paying for it.


Have tried to use the 21 free trial period…get the TRIAL PERIOD HAS EXPIRED after rebooting, done this twice after uninstalling…this happened when I wanted to use the trial period for ANYDVD & got the same response but I went ahead and bought it anyways after lurking here forever…
They have told me:
This only happens if a previous trial was installed, or the date was
changed during the trial period. It cannot be restarted. Sorry.
Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support
Now I am just mad…sort of…
Is there any other program I can use…?
Thanks again…


Once you have ripped it using anydvd, you should have a copy that has all copy protection removed and is as usable as a disk. I’m not specifically farmiliar with dvdcopyexpress but it should be able to use the folder that anydvd created, the same as it would a disk. Other programs to consider, dvd shrink (its free but I havent used it in so long I cannot remember if it has a burn engine or if you still need nero), nero recode, clonedvd etc.
If nothing else, maybe use dvd decryptor/image burn to create an image file, then mount the image with daemon tools and it will actually apear as if it were a disk in a drive (any program should be able to use it).