Burn DVD to DVD?



Hello PPL…
My name is strangebrew & am what you would consider a “computer illiterate”…
Here’s my situation…
I’ve been burning CD’s for several years w/ satisfactory results,however I believe my burner is on its last leg…Now I’m trying to decide whether to just
get another CD burner or plunge into the 21st century w/ a cd/dvd burner…
This would involve buying two new drives…a dvd player & a burner…
What I would kike to know is it possible to burn dvd to dvd as you can w/ cd’s or is it a MUST to first put onto your hard drive then to the copy???
I’m kinda hard drive space limited…
Sorry I’m so long winded & thankyou in advance


you dont need to buy 2 drives. i have a single dvd writer drive. i put in the original and then it burns to the hard drive and then burns to a disc. it deletes the file from the hard drive once the disc is burned. So i would definetly say go with a good dvd burner. that way it will burn cds and dvds and also will play cds and dvds

edit: im not sure how much space it takes up on the hard drive for the copy. i would imagine its not too much space though.


It is not suggested to burn dvds on the fly( or from 1 drive to another). If you have limited hard drive space thats a large problem because you need at least about 4.39 gigs space for a dvd5 and about 8gigs for a dual layer dvd.


BUMMER!!!..thanx for the reply tho…
out of curiosity why is it not suggested???
just doesn’t burn properly???


I would imagine its because you cant see if the dvd has ripped properly. You should be ok anyway, but hard-disks arnt that expensive nowerdays… ah… just thought… how old is your computer? can you post your system specs? It may not be able to handle dvd, as my family computer is about 7 years old, with 6gb of memory and 160mb of ram…


'tis a few years old…
Dell Dimension 8200
Pentium 4 2.00 GHz
512 MB Ram
37 Gig HardDrive
10 Gig available…
Just thought if 8 something gig was needed it might be pushing the envelope?!?


If you use anydvd and clonedvd together it will place the dvd at 4.7gig on your hardrive then burn it and remove the files from the hardrive after. But as stated hardrives do not cost that much and adding a second drive is not that hard. If you do not think you can install it then get someone you know to install it at your house so you can watch what they do. I would never take my computer to someone else to install a hardrive and leave it because they could look at info you have on the drive. Not that I have much personal info for them to look at but still it is my info.


10 gig is enough for most things. Just be sure that temporary files get deleted and if nesasary delete them from the recycling bin too.
About not burning on the fly, you are moving so much data so fast that you may be pushing the limits of your hardware. If data cannot be supplied fast enough then either the burn will fail, or the drive will have to slow down burning which is a problem. Dvds need to be burned at the proper speed and if you force the drive to slow down, it can cause a poor qulaity burn. I have burned dvd’s on the fly before and they have came out and error scaned just fine, but in general, its not a relaible way of doing it. Some burns might go fine, others might complete but at the cost of burn quality, other burns may fail.


Depends on how often you will burn DVDs. If you are going to use it quite often, then spending for 2 DVD burners is ok and will cost you around $100 on two quality burners. Your system is capable of copy DVD on the fly and should be able to do it fine at 8x write speed as long as you put the burners in two seperate IDE channels.

If your not going to use it a lot, might as well spend your money on 1 DVD burner and add another harddrive. You will need the extra HDD space in the future.


All good points…will have to do a little research & make some choices…
Want to thank all of you for your quick replies…
Is nice to know there are places where ppl will take time out to help an old “newbie”…LOL
One more question,zevia,what would be the advantge of 2 burners versus 1 burner & 1 player???
Once again,thanx much…


If by “player” you mean DVD-ROM, then there is no real advantage except that you’ll save $10-20.


Just thought id tell you that your system is fine for a new burner, however adding two may mean you have to get a more powerful power supply. As you have 10 gigs left, id say your fine for making dvds as you probably wont want to venture into the dvd9 world anyway (dvds containing twice the amount of dvd 5s can) as they are much more expensive. The most you’ll probably use is 4.3-4.7gbs, and after youve burnt (and done a quality scan of course ;)) you can just delete the file, and move onto the next disk :bigsmile:


Well I woulo have to disagree with this. Some burners, though excellent burners, are not the best readers in the world and may baulk at a damaged DVD whereas a DVD-ROM drive may be able to handle the damaged disc. I have had this happen in a real situation with both my NEC2500A and my BenQ1640 (crossflashed).


I think this depends more on the specific model of drive rather than if it is a rom or a burner. My aopen burner is by far my strongest reader (though a crappy dvd burner). My liteon dvd rom is my second strongest reader (and the first fastest). Like you said though, some very good burners are not the best readers. My nec3500 will burn just about any media there is, and good media burns quite well, but its not that great of a reader. I have had dvd-roms that didn’t read that great too though (like a mad dog, cannot remember the oem).


I know I loved my NEC and was annoyed when I wasn’t allowed to fit it, it only refused to recognise one media brand and that was Platinum, but boy was it a picky reader baulking at a minor scratch, that’s why I was grateful to still have my old BenQ ROM.


You should pray that this never ever happens… :confused:


Now now chefy be nice to the newbie :smiley:


It was not meant badly, if you mean that. :wink:


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Hi there,
I am SUCH a newbie…have read THREE straight days & am still crosseyed…
I need HELP…I have been using DVDCopyXpress all this time but time has run out as far as backing up the new releases. even with newly purchased AnyDVD, got the courage to right click to use the Ripper (as it would not copy) which has just finished but what NOW…?
I am trying to copy AN UNFINISHED LIFE, shows css encription…
hope this makes sense…
appreciate being gentle with me…
Take care