Burn DVD+RW with DVD-ROM booktype?

Hi all

I have search alot about this (in this forum, and in other places), and it seems that it’s not possible to make my NEC 3500 to burn DVD+RW discs with DVD-ROM booktype. Or is it?
Maybe a firmware supporting this exists, or will soon?


As far as i know there is no support (yet) for +RW

According to Mad Dog, they will release a new firmware and/or bitsetting utility next month that supports DVD+RW bitsetting.

are they going to release a +rw firmware for 2510 as well?

Not sure, I’ll ask. :slight_smile:

Did you give MadDog 2.f7 a try? I’m not 100% sure, but I think this firmware has support for bitsetting on +RW.

for the 3500 2.f8 has support for +RW bitsetting using the new WinBtype.exe utility, bitsetting through DVDInfoPro doesn’t work with their firmwares. Check out http://www.mdmm.com/drivers

or alternately TDB have a riplock removed and RPC1 version of the firmware. Note it will only work on +RW discs that haven’t already been burned with a +RW booktype (i.e. New)

2510a, I have heard Mad Dog is still waiting on NEC for Ritek DL support (it is my understanding this is Mad Dog’s top priority for this drive) and then RW bitsetting (not as many of their customers are requesting this.) Maybe they’ll get them in the same firmware. It really is up to the NEC engineers.

Oh yeah 2.f7 for the 2510 has Single and dual +R bitsetting with the new WinBType.exe you can find on Mad Dog’s site

Hmmm I couldn’t even get a DVD+RW tab/option to appear for me when using firmware 2.F8 and the newest WinBtypeV2.exe utility.

was able to successfully set the booktype of my +RW disks (used or previously burned with booktype dvd+rw) into DVD-ROM.
I used DVDBOOST’s 221 f/w.

btw, this is for the 2510A…

2510A has had the +RW bitsetting with Herries firmware, all along.

The 3500 is the one that needs it now.

I need it so I can watch these +RW DVD’s in my standalone player.