Burn DVD-RW or DVD+RW?

Not sure?? My burner will take either format. Is one better than the other?
Looking at Imation media and they seem vague on one over the other. I did notice that Imation DVD-RW is made in Taiwan and their DVD+RW is made in India. Anyone have a preference?

welcome, DSLMan. IMO, if the one is made in India, that might be a MBI (Moser Baer India) mid, and that might be better to whatever the mid is for the DVD-RW, because I can assure you Imation doesn’t make it. So long as you are only using the DVD+RW for data backup, there should be no problems. What burner do you have? If it supports bitsetting (like a Plextor 716a or BenQ1640, like I have), then you can change the booktype (the kind of media it would be recognized as) to make the DVD+RW show up as a DVD-ROM–in case you were planning to record a movie to it and stick it in a DVD Player standalone. In that case, using the DVD+RW is the better idea

Regarding quality I don’t know if there are differences, but regarding speed, +RW media allow to write faster (until now 8x for +RW and 6x for -RW).

Regarding reliability, however, the best choice will be a RAM media (if your burner do support it, obviously :slight_smile: )

Looks like +RW media is for me!