I have a Dell XPS410. I’ve created a couple really cute videos on Roxio Creator 2009 that I’m trying to burn. The problem isn’t with the software, it’s in burning the disk and the amount of info I want to put on one disk. My computer says it’s capable of burning a 8.5G DVD+R DL disk, and it does so and is readable ONLY with my computer. The disk won’t play in my DVD players. When I burn my videos on a smaller 4.7 DVD+R disk it plays in the DVD player with no problem. I’ve done a TON of looking on the web for answers to this problem. What I’ve found is that in general, I may be able to get a DL disk to play in DVD players better if I can change the booktype bitsetting from DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM. Sounds great in theory, and I’ve followed several steps from advice I’m seeing on blogs, etc, but none of the DVD Decrypters that I’m downloading work with my computer (I’ve tried DVD Decrypter, DVD Bitsetter and DVD InfoPro and someone also recommended that I try burn express, which I did). I’m just wondering if this is possible for me and if so, what’s the procedure for a way around it. The reason why I’d like to figure this out is because it would be nicer to have 2 videos for the same year on one disk, versus having two separate disks for that year…just a convenience thing…and at this point I’ve put a whole lot of time into this, so I’d like to figure it out if I can… I know there are a lot of forums on this topic already but I haven’t found one that applies directly to me. Like I said, all the steps I’ve tried haven’t worked. Any help or guidance you could give would be awesome.

ps-I’m not completely familiar with all the vocabulary used on this site…so while I’m not completely illiterate, my learning curve is big…I’ll catch on quick, but please explain very simply.

First thing we will need to know, is the make and model number of your dvd burners on your computer. Also need to know the make of your dvd player in order to determine what types of dvd’s it is capable of playing. And lastly, we need to know what brand of dvd’s you are using, including mid code. You can download dvdinfopro, or nero cdspeed, put your disk in the drive start one one of the softwares listed, and it will give you a mid code for the media.

If you want to burn dl media, the only one folks here have been recommending is verbatim.

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  1. It would be helpful if you mentioned for starters the dvd recorder that you have and the DL media that you are using.

  2. What do you mean when you say that the DL media you write are readable only with your computer? Do you write the DL as DVD-Video (video/audio ts folders) or as data? If you write it as data, it’s logical that it’s not playable. If you write them as dvd-video, do they get recognized by your standalone player but have errors while playing or don’t they get recognized at all?

  3. It could be a matter of DL recognition by your standalone player if the it is a rather old model. In that case you can try changing media (Verbatim DL media are very good) or even bitsetting to -Rom but this process is hardware dependent meaning it depends on whether the drive you are using is capable of doing it, which gets us back on question 1.

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Thank you harley2ride and hemispasm both for you reply. Here’s what I found, and if it’s not exactly what you need, I’ll need a bit more direction…

I have a Dell XPS 410. The writer is listed as HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-H31. The drive interface is Atapi, connection interface is IDE, firmware revision is B106.

For the CD: Memorex brand 8.5G DVD+R DL and the code listed on dvd info pro was RITEK S04. I’ve been seeing that Verbatim is the better brand, but unfortunately this is what I’ve got at the moment.

As for Hemispasm’s question #2: I don’t know if I’m just writing it as data or what folders…I just followed the instructions on Roxio for creating the DVD after the video is made. Could you instruct me a little to help me figure out what actually is being written?

oh, I forgot…the dvd players: I have a Magnavox that is probably 2 years old and a Sanyo that is probably 4 years old. Neither of them play the DVD

As recommended above, Verbs are the choice for DL burning…However since you’ve got those DL Memosux, ahh I mean Memorex, and If you now have your “really cute videos” in a VIDEO_TS folder,then try this instead…

You don’t need any fancy apps like Roxio to burn to DL discs…
Just use the ultimate burning app…Happy burning!

t0nee1…oh my!!! You rock!!! Thanks so much for sending me this info…it totally worked!!! I’m so soooooo thankful that my persistence paid off and that you replied!!!