Burn dvd+r at 1x



I have discs philips dvd+r 8x, but I want to burn with my pioneer 108 this discs at 1x.

With Alcohol, DvdDecrypter, etc I can’t.

How could I burn the discs at 1x (or 2x)?

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I’m sorry to be the tough guy but this is insane… it has been discussed on this forum and the conclusion was that burning below certified speed can increase the error rates and even damage the media due the different laser power; it’s no wonder the slower speed than 4x were disabled.


Yes, insane and impossible too.


Well, then to burn at 1x or 2x I need dvd’s of 4x, true?

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Nope, no way.

The lowest speed for +R is 2.4x anyway!


Well, I’ve saw that if you change an option of tranfer mode of the burner, and you set PIO mode, you can burn at 1x. But i don’t know if that is dangerous. :confused:





The original standards for DVD+R/RW allowed for a minimum (and maximum) writing speed of 2.4x …



If you need to do a hole in your media a drill would be more efficient than a laser… May I point out there’s already one in the midle of most media too so what is the second needed for ?


Well, ok.
If I have a disc +r of 8x and I want to burn an image at 2,4X. How could I do it?



If you read the box it usually say Up to 8x.

In my system inserting a 8X media allow me to burn it at 4x, 6x, 8x. If I insert a 4X media it offer me 2x and 4x (sometime 6x with some media)

So if I feel like I need a slow burn I use 4x, all these speed are normally in the media compatibility list, you may want to take a look. Some software may allow you to burn at 2.4x 8x branded media, but I am not sure it is wise to do so and I would be curious to see scan made like this compared to full speed.

I was not able to locate the media list for 108, here’s 109…
Media Compatibility


If you are buying 8x media, there is NO reason to burn it at anything below 4x. None ever. If it won’t burn at 8x, it’s junk anyway. But if you really feel the need to burn slower, buy 16x media and burn them at 8x. If you can’t get a perfect burn every time, you either have an old worn out burner, or you are buying the cheapest crap media in the world. Any of my drives can burn most quality media at above the rated speed and still have excellent burn quality. I’ve burned 4x memorex -r at 8x with no problems, ritek g03’s 4x + and - R at 8x with no problems, Fujifilm 8x -r’s I’ve tried both 4x, 6x, 8x, and 12x. There is no noticable difference in the quality tests burned at any of the speeds, I’ve even burned prodiscf01’s on all of my drives, and only one drive didn’t like them burned at 8x speed, but the 4x media burned at 4x fine on each and every drive.


Like last time i replied to this kinda post, it was as user i guessed wanted to use new clone cd, to copy new games cd/dvd’s and it tells you to use new build, set system tray to hide cdr media and burn at 1x, well i do this and as drive cant do 1x it goes around 4x with dvdr- in it (here in my pc) i still get perfect backups of my games to preserve originals.

I dont fancy waiting on a 1x burn anyhow.


I hope many of you realize that burning high speed media too slow is just as bad as overburning it. You ideally want a media to be AT the rated speed, maybe one notch lower at most. 16@16, 8@8, 4@4, 2@2, etc.


Yay, I’d like to second that. :wink:


I’ll also second that, I backup a lot of PC games and burn my stuff at the rated speed or one notch below w/ no probs on DVD, but on CD I will burn at about 24x or 32x on 52x branded media. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when it progs ask to burn @ 1x it’s usually refering to CD’s not DVD’s (basicly so you don’t try to burn @ 52x w/ crappy media). You shouldn’t worry about this w/ DVD’s as long as you have good quality media.


You will have to forgive me for my ignorance on DVD+R burning, and sorry to ressurect a seven year old thread - But how is it possible for standalone recorders to record onto DVD+R in real time (that is, 1x) when the minimum specification for DVD+R is 2.4x? :confused:

I’ve just verified a few burns done on the standalone and they all look pretty good. chef Can you verify what’s going on here?