Burn DVD on higher speeds

On several boards I’ve red that the firmware of Pioneer DVD-burners can be cracked so that 1-speed DVD-media can burn on 2 or 4 speed. It seems that this is just a matter of the manufacturer of the media having payed the rights for 1 or 2 or 4 speed burning and that there is no serious difference in the discs.

I recently bought a SONY DRU500A and a lot of DVD-R 1-speeds. Everything works fine but burning a DVD takes me around 45 minutes. My burner is a 4-speed burner so does anybody know if there’s a way to increase the burnspeed of 1-speed discs.

Thanks in advance!

The firmware you refer to is a hacked pioneer firmware, which is especially usefull if you need coasters.

Buy 2x or 4x media if you want to burn at these speeds.

I’ve understood that the hack was especially about this issue (making 2 speed burning possible on 1 speed DVD’s)

The reason for my question is that 1 speed media are much cheaper at the moment than 2 speed. Besides this 4 speed isn’t avialable yet as far as I know.

I think you know that burning 1x media at 2x won’t increase writing quality :stuck_out_tongue: In fact, most 1x media comes out unreadable at 2x (some doesn’t even work at 1x). Only exception is RitekG03 media.


Maybe it was your mistake to create another thread with the same question which I didn’t notice at the time. Unfortunately, it became the first thing I had to delete here.

I haven’t read anything that says 1x-rated DVD-R media can be recorded at 4x speed. Some, not all, Pioneer DVD-R writer drives can be “fixed” with firmware replacement to enable 2x DVD-R writing speed to some, not all, DVD-R media that were supposedly only 1x-capable before.


BTW, Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 2x 4.7GB media is finally here in the US market as well.

Rima.com TY DVD-R

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About Taiyo Yuden: A few weeks ago, someone told me that he got 50 pieces of Taiyo Yuden 2x media for 100 Euro here, which are cheap, compared to TDK or Mitsubishi 2x media in Germany.
Did they indeed hit US market later than German market?

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TY DVD-R media has been in Japan and South Korea for some time. Actually, it was easier to find in Seoul than any other DVD-R brand. It took very long to hit the US market.