Burn DVD Movie

I have downloaded a movie onto my computer from my digital camera. The movie is 62 mb, a large one. Could you tell me [COLOR=“Red”]what i need to burn that movie file onto a blank DVD disc.[[/COLOR] :slight_smile:

That depends on several different considerations. The first is: what format is the video in now? If you do not know, check in the manual of your camera to find out its export format. Or look at the file with MediaInfo ( a free video utility program) and tell us what you have.

The second consideration is: where do you want to play this video? If you just want to copy it to a disk and play on the computer, you don’t need to convert the video. Just burn as data onto a blank disk using any burning program. Nero, CDBurnerXP or Imgburn should be able to do this nicely.

If you want to play this on a stand alone dvd player, you will probably have to convert to dvd video. There are several different conversion programs that we regularly recommend here, including two free ones, DVDFlick and AVStoDVD. There is also a popular commercial program called ConvertXtoDVD. Since you live in Australia, you’ll need to make sure to have the program that you use output in PAL dvd format.

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[B]Attached is my screenshot of the MediaInfo results where it shows the format of the video clips from the camera. I`d like to play them on computer and dvd player. Will the CDburner XP burn these video clips? [/B] ::bigsmile:

http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/5292/ballsup.jpg [B] This is only one of several video clips and i`ve got to put them all on one disc.[/B] ]

If you want to burn to a disk to play on the computer, all you have to do is burn them as plain data files. That isn’t a problem.

DVDFlick should be able to convert these to dvd video. You can import several of them and build a menu to select the video that you want to watch. Don’t try to put too much onto one dvd though. I like to keep it to 2hrs of playing time per each single layer dvd, though you can go to 2 1/2 hrs if necessary and still retain reasonably good quality.