Burn dvd iso to cd

hello, can anyone help me how to burn a dvd iso to cds? i don’t have a dvd burner (i only have a cd burner), so i want to split the files into cds. the dvd iso is 3.3GB. what programs do i need? pls. pls. pls. help me… thank you…

errr not in a way so that you can actualy execute the program.

You could extract the .iso file into it’s normal files by using an isoextractor like isobuster, then use any writing program to carefully select the files and burn them away.

Why not purchase a dvd writer? They’re not that expensive these days.

You can split a large file into smaller ones with WinRAR using “Store” as compression ratio and splitting into 700 MB segments.

You can burn the image to dvds in the ways suggested above, but it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to run whatever program you’re burning.
If it’s just storage then go for it, otherwise buy a proper DVD writer (they are cheap enough they’ll soon be sold in packs of four for the purpose of lifting low desks).

thank you. all of your suggestions are very much appreciated… :smiley: