Burn dvd help

hey can anybody help me with this?

i want to make a dvd that plays in a standalone player that handle dvd-r - but without the menu system.

i have two short films, one with 5.1 sound (ac3). i have made VOB files in dvd architect.

can i just load the two vobs into nero and burn it?

help much appreciated



No you cant just load 2 sets of VOB files into Nero and expect the DVDR to play.

They really need to be authored proberly. I would extract the video (.m2v) and the audio (.ac3) out of each movie (using Smartripper and its de-mux feature). Load each set into Maestro ( into a Movie1 and Movie2) and compile. Then burn the new set of VOB files with Nero.

For Maestro help, read the DVD to DVDR Tutorial and also at http://www.geocities.com/eaussie01au/maestro.html

thx for help, chicken

i found a way to do it in dvd architect, but i had to burn the two short films on two dvd’s. in dvd architect i chose the file menu/new project/ and then going for the single movie option. i think if i wanted both on one dvd in this program i would have to make one film out of it in premiere or vegas, then importing it to dvd architect and then setting track markers in dvd architect, so i’ll try to locate the programs you mention and experiment a little with them. is maestro btw THE program to use?

well thanks anyway, will dig into the tutorial now.

Originally posted by lovedoc
is maestro btw THE program to use?

Absolutely THE program to use. Easy to understand and use, yet extemely powerful.