Burn dvd from stored video files

i have a newly purchased hp pavillion laptop. i have some videos created on my webcam and stored on my computer that i want to create a dvd with. when i look to see the “file type” it just says video clip.
i am truly a “newbie”. if someone could explain to me as if i was a 5 year old, what i need (software wise) and what steps would be involved in me being able to create these into individual dvd’s, i would greatly appreciate it.

What exactly for a video file, if you right click on the file and look for properties?

When I right click properties, it only shows “video clip” however when I look at option for where it automatically plays, it shows video 8.avi for the ones that are saved from my logitech quickcam, and video1_0001.wmv for the one saved thru windows movie maker. I have Sonic Digital Media Software, but I’m not sure if I have a “dvd burn” component. It seems to only let me copy to a DVD as a “read only”/data archive function…
Thanks Again!

Then you’ll need a prog to convert the files like convertxtodvd or dvdsanta for example.