Burn DVD from Sony Mini Disc Software/Tutorial?

Hello All!

Bought my wife a Sony HandyCam (model DCR-DVD 403). She loves the cam but has been driving me crazy because she is having trouble burning playable DVD discs from her mini DVD disc. She’s used the bundled software (it’s crap), has tried MovieMaker (I didn’t think it would work–it didn’t) and I’ve even installed CloneDVD 2 for her to try, but it won’t import the VOB files to her PC (she receives a read error near the end of the import session). She’s tried importing from both the camera and by placing the Mini disc in her PC. Has anyone found a good software program that will import / edit / and burn the Sony Mini disc files to DVD? If two programs work better than one inclusive suite, that’s fine too.

I’ve tried U-Lead Visual Studio 9 but it crashes a lot.
I have Adobe Premiere Pro as well - way too complex.
Is Pinnacle Studio 10 worth a try?

Thanks for your imput!


Maybe the reader drive is crappy which leads to read errors…