Burn DVD from downloaded DivX avi



Hi! I’m relatively new at this. So far I’ve been able to successfully transfer my old VHS tapes to DVD and also make copies of DVD movies I have purchased. All my copies work fine.
Now I would like to download a movie from e-donkey and burn it onto a DVD. I see that many of the movies have titles like “Deadman.DivX.avi”. My questions are: (1) If I install the DivX codec on my computer and download this movie, should I be able to watch it using PowerDVD (or Windows Media Player)?
(2)What do I need to do the burn the downloaded avi file onto a DVD?
I have Pinnacle Studio 9 and a capture card, Roxio EasyMedia 7, AnyDVD, Cyberlink Power DVD and some other stuff. Thanks for any advice!


  1. Yes you will in media player.

  2. You will need a programme to convert the avi to mpeg format, TMPGEnc or Main Concept MPEG encoder will both do the job for you. Then a programme to convert that into the vob(?) files recognisable by DVD players, TMPGEnc DVD Author for example. The DVD author prog also lets you set chapters and make menus. I use all these programmes and they are pretty easy to use.

The conversion from avi to mpeg is the longest part of the process.


Thanks for the helpful information!



Hey, I download tv shows that I missed all the time and put them on dvd. I have used Sonic MyDVD in the past but am currently enjoying nerovision express 3. Just drag the video files into the menu window (this will make more sense inside the program) and it does all the converting for u.