Burn DVD from a Template

Hello All,

I’m very new to DVD authoring so I hope you can help.

I have 60 minutes of stock footage and I have 5 minutes of custom footage. I want to be able to have a tempalte that has all the menus and stock fottage pre-compiled into some DVD ready formats that just convert the 5 minutes of custm footage before I burn it to DVD.

The problem is that is just takes soooooo long. When I use tools like NEro or any of the other hundres of tools I’ve tried, they all want to convert the entire 65 mintes of video before tey can burn to DVD.

I would like to be able to be able to do the compliation in two phases

Phase 1 - only done once.

  • Convert all the stock footage
  • Prepare a full ISO image ready to be burned.

It doesn’t matter how phase 1 takes to process

Phase 2 - Done for each individual DVD

  • Convert a shor t5 minute clip
  • insert the converted video to the ISO image
  • burn the ISO image to DVD

Phase 2 should be as fast as possible.

Anyone have an suggestions how I can get this done, what software, what processes which file formats are most efficent?

Thanks very much

If your end goal is to have an authored dvd, why are you using ISO’s. If you don’t know much about authoring dvd’s, I highly suggest you do some reading at www.videohelp.com. They have forums and guides covering everything from capturing, to obtaining your final (playable) dvd.