Burn DVD Freezes at DVD Menu

Hey, im a newb

Im trying to start a UFC (ultimate fighting championship) collection. However, whenever i try to play the dvd after i burn it, it always freezes when i press play at the dvd menu. If i pop the dvd in my computer, I can go around the DVD menu by skipping to title two, but I can’t do that on my dvd player.

Has anyone heard of this problem? freezing in the DVD menu? What can I do about this?

Two possible solutions:

  1. Use a lens cleaner with your standalone.
  2. Use better/recommended dvd media for burning.

im sorry, im such a newb so im not really sure what that means. Im use DVD-Cloner III and im using 1-16X fujifilm dvr+r

What chef means is use quality dvds. Fuji dvds are not the worst but not the best either. Verbatims are generally considered to be the best quality. When you burn a disc don’t burn at the maximum speed, it increases the chance for errors. Your error could be in the burn or it could be in the extraction. Don’t burn dvd to dvd, always copy the dvd your HD. If you’re burning a dvd-5 (a disc that doesn’t need compression) it’s best to copy the disc to your HD in iso mode using Dvd decrypter and you can then burn that iso with or decrypter or even better Imgburn http://www.imgburn.com/. Imgburn is the updated burning portion of decrypter. When you use iso mode you get an exact copy of the dvd. For more info here’s some guides for you to check out http://bbmayo.home.comcast.net/