Burn dvd= blank media



I have been using this external cd/dvd burner for years, and it has worked well until now. I used Studio 11 to create a video, and then burned it to a DVD-R disk. The resulting disk plays fine on the DVD player attached to my TV, but the PC doesnt recognize any files on the disk, and cant play it. I get messages like “blank disk”. So, the same dvd writer device that burned the disk cant read it. Nor, for that matter, can PowerDVD or Windows Media Player.

Note that I am using 1-16X media for the first time. I dont know if that could have anything to do with it. Previous media were slower, but also were -R.

The Pioneer also can read other DVDs, both commercial and ones I burned previously.

I am not using different settings on Studio; I burn the disk the same way I burned previous disks.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.