Burn DVD @ 16x, Good idea or bad idea?!

I have a
1.1GHZ Celeron processor
6.4GB harddrive + 20GB Maxtor
One 4 year old cd drive, lol

Getting a benq 1620A pro
Burn DVD @ 16x good idea or bad??
Will i get good burn?

Sounds like it could be a struggle, burning/writers are cpu and ram dependant. All that aside it could be fine, only trying will tell. Be sure to run a quality test using nero’s cd/dvd speed or PIE/PIF test using DVDinfopro after your first burn.

you only live once give it a shot what is the worst that could happen??? (on the other hand i dont have a clue how to burn a dvd:))

I’m sure the original poster has been waiting in breathless excitement for your reply during the 350 days since the original post, and now finally he will dare trying a 16x burn. :wink:

Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a look at when a thread was last updated before replying. Not that I haven’t made the same mistake myself. :bigsmile: