Burn DRM wmv file

Is it possible to remove the DRM protection from a wmv file? (I payed for this video file…). This file was created in October, I think WMV9. Thanks.

Hi im also trying to find a crack or convertor for DRM wmv files but had no luck the closest thing ive found is Freeme but thats for wma files and havnt tried it on wmv files yet ill ley you know what happens.

Freeme only works on the old DRM, not the new one. I think this is finally one copy protection scheme that no one can really crack, or we would have seen it already. Thanks for your help though.

No copy-protection is uncrackable , when xp first came out they said it was uncrackable then it was cracked by a 12 yrold, but it looks like this new DRM is a bastard

StarForce 3 is very hard to emulate (e.g unplugging your CD/DVDs drives in some cases) and it cannot be copyed to another disk.


I think there is no legal way to remove DRM, but you can use for example ‘FRAPS’ to record your video (depending on the lenght it will be a VERY big avi)

Yes starforce 3 is hard to emulate but its easy to Crack i.e NoCD cracks , where the copy protection has been removed along with the cd-check

does this FRAPS work with no license available or does it require license to access it and convert it

You need a license for FRAPS. I’m not trying to crack the encryption. I payed for these files from MLB.com, and I just wanna be able to use it on more than one of my computers. FRAPS works by just copying what is displayed on your monitor rather than accessing the video file itself. Since I have over 20 hours worth of video, it’s not a viable option (not to mention it lowers the quality further).

There is a cunning and waterproof method to circumvent DRM protected media and files:


Stop financing the copy protection terror! You are the problem, not the industry. BTW: Sorry for being that blunt.

Buttfacepoop- I’m having the same problem, I have all the 2004 ALCS games on my PC, but I want to watch them on my DVD player. MLB says it is possible, just additional software is needed, but of course they won’t say what software. I’d buy the software, and I have no intention of selling the games, just for my own personal use.

I have installed recently winXp professional and things started going wrong. Due to DRMs and who knows what crap whit them now I can’t burn my music any more. Don’t misshunderstand me, I mean MY MUSIC! I’m a musician and use to write my music with Cakewalk Music Creator for better looking-reading music documents, but when I try to burn the .mid files referred to their own music sheets a small window appears saying: “You don’t have the rights to burn…”. The rights?! It’s my music! Now I really don’t know where to hang myself… Can someone gently help me?

I don’t know if removing the DRM on the MLB video files is possible, but I have found out how to successfully play them on my PDA (Dell Axim X50v). You have to start WMP10 in WinXP and start to play the video file. It will ask you to log into your MLB account to verify you own the license to play the file. After WMP has downloaded your license, sync the file to your PDA using the WMP interface. WMP will transfer the video file to you PDA along with the license and you will be able to successfully view the video. It will take quite a while since the video files are pretty large. Hope this helps someone, unlike Customer Service as MLB which basically has a “sucks to be you” attitude toward their customers.

Yes, I’m ressurecting this old thread.
My friend has DL’d some .wmv (video) files that have DRM on them.
Has there been any update or any known ways yet of getting these files burned to DVD for set-top playback?
Will any part of Nero 7.5.x.x do this? Currently, I’m using the open source program DVD Flick to burn non-DRM video files to a DVD for viewing.

OK…I jumped the gun, as I found this thread via a google search. However, doing my normal searching through the forums, I came across FairUse 4 WM that may do what I need. Going to check it out and hope for the best.