Burn divx .avi file into dvd format how?



this is my first post here. I have a NEC 3540 dvd burner and I just got Nero ultra 6.6 and I updated it to it’s current version.

I have a divx move that has a .avi extension and I would like to make it viewable on my xbox which means it has to be in a dvd format. How do I do this?

the movie is 1 hour and 38 minutes long also

thanks everyone I’ve never used a dvd burner before but I Have used nero and clone cd before but only when I had my cd burner but it’s been a few years.


Use nerovision express,select make dvd video,add video,select ur clips click next,nero will analyse ur clips, click next and reencode them if necessary,burn to hdd folder so u can check quality etc or burn directly to disc.


I don’t see nerovision


You must have the full retail version of nero and when installing you have to install vision express separately to nero burning rom,the burning side is package 1,vision express is package 2,download the updates in separate packages to make sure you have the latest versions.


I’m interested in the same. I tested it and it generates a MPG file. Isn’t necessary to generate the VBO files and get the structure of a DVD-Video film?


At the start when nero asks you what you want to do, select make dvd video to have nero make vobs,ifo etc.