Burn disc with hidden audio/data tracks?

Hi everybody, I’m newbie here :smiley: .

Do you guys know how to burn CD/DVD with hidden audio/data tracks, which won’t display in normal Windows Explorer but we can still be able to rip data off the disc ? :confused:

Btw, I have Nero & Easy CD/DVD Creator 6. If you do know how to do it with other softwares , dont hesistate to speak out.


EAC is a great cd-audio ripper for this kind of project. Typically the data tracks are more “copy protection” than anything else.

You can dload EAC here

It’s a freeware, not strings attatched, worth trying out…:slight_smile:

For ripping DVD’s, 2 good programs are DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter, a quick google seach will get you there. Both of these are also freebies, no strings.

Happy burning…:slight_smile:

thanks, ZigZagMan. But i think u misunderstood my question. I want to burn CDs/DVDs with hidden data tracks not ripping them.

Create a Mixed Mode CD with your data as the first track, and audio as the second. On most CD players, Data track will be track 1 and will be silence, tracks 2 - * will be your audio tracks.