Burn Data to CD/DVD Software

Hello guys and gals,

I use CloneDVD2 for Movies and it Works GREAT.
For audio cds I use Burrrn, which is also GREAT.
I love both applications because they dont have any unnecesary crap on it. My question is…

Which application would be an equivalent to these two application for CD/DVD data burning??

Please, no applications with iso making options, or label maker, or huge apps like nero or roxio, just CD/DVD data burning.

Thank you very much, i appreciate your help!

Hi elgalloloco, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

For simple data burning tasks I’d suggest ImgBurn using “build mode”, even though it technically violates your request that it shouldn’t be able to make ISO images. :wink:

Other candidates:

CDBurnerXP Pro

AVS Disc Creator FREE

another vote for imgburn, even though it can create iso’s its VERY small…i use it for all data cd/dvds/dvd video and all image files…i also use burrrn…awesome program :slight_smile:

I don’t know if i can post this issue here or not and i couldn’t find how 2 create new thread,so i post this here.
I can write 99min[870mb] CDs with Video CD format by Nero :clap: .and of course by setting overburning. But I don’t know how to write on 99min CDs with Data format. :doh: :sad: If anyone knows how to do it with Nero or another software that can work with this issue[writting data cd on 99 min CDs] plz let me know. :bow: :flower: tnx in advance.

Thank you very much, i’ll give it a try!