Burn "data"disc to dvd player disc

I have windows XP PRO and just downloaded “DVD FAB Platinum”.I am trying to remove region codes so movies will play in all DVD players.Can someone please tell me(in simple step by step)how to do this with a movie I burned that plays on my computer but not on ANY player.It tells me it is a “data disc” THANK YOU

Have you tried AnyDVD to remove the region code? What is the name brand of the DVD player your getting this error on?

It won’t play on any DVD player,only a computer,because I burned it wrong(using Nero Express instead of Nero Vision)and made a data disc instead of a video disc.I’m wondering how to convert it and also how to remove region codes(on all discs as others that I have burned will play on some dvd players but not all).What is the difference between "ANYDVD"and “DVDFAB”?I am very new to this. THANK YOU