"Burn Completed Successfully" but files not shown in Explorer



Heya. I have used Nero Express ( to create a Data DVD. I used BRTech DVD+R 4.7GB blank DVDs. After burning a DVD of avi files, it says that everything went well and there were no error messages etc. Yet, when I put the DVD back into the drive, it just says that there’s a blank DVD in the drive in explorer. So when I open up good old Nero Express, all the files on the DVD are there (with a cross through the icon) so I know that they HAVE been burnt (also the data side of the disc is shaded differently, suggesting the files have been burnt)… so the files are there… but cannot be read by Windows Explorer?

Is there any reason this is happening?.. because it’s getting annoying (already tried it with 4 different DVDs with the same results)…


That happens sometimes I don’t know why. Try IsoBuster to open and extract your files to the HD.
John :slight_smile:


Had this from time to time - sometimes eventually the disc is seen. What format are your burnt discs? ISO/UDF/mixture? Single or multi session?


I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s crap media, not that long of a limb though, it’s probably crap media!!!
download dvd identifier (free) and find the media code (manufacture and media id). Post what you find and well know if the media is good.
Thiere are only a handfull of companies that acutallly manufacture media and the media code identifies the true identitiy of the disk.