Burn CDFS (ISO9660) in Vista

Unlike most of you, I actually prefer (well I did until now), using the built-in CD-writing capability of Windows. Then I installed Vista at work.

Vista loves UDF-formatted CD’s.
I hate 'em. (unreliable, not readable on other OSs, etc…)

I select a bunch of files, and say Send To… CD. (like I have for years)
[ Hey, there’s an option now, what type of CD? ]
I say “Image” format please (which I gather is CDFS).
It copies all the files to the staging area (OK, fine, same-old).
I open the CD, and say “Burn” (again, very familiar).
It writes a UDF disk. (according to “Properties”) Pthpthpth!

How do I twist Vista’s arm to give me CDFS?
Can I remove/permanently disable UDF writing in Vista?

Pretty please, someone throw me a bone?

Read this and weep : http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20070422083715451

Using the Mastered format may get you wider compatibility so read through this : http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/Help/b47eb51a-ea6d-4d97-97b0-2d07a59316981033.mspx

I think the groklaw guy sums it up pretty well.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum; remember the CD/DVD burning function embedded in Windows is not full blown program with full capability. If you are look for program with variety of features then you should use one the stand alone program like (Nero, ImagBurn, Alcohol120,).

UDF were created for DVDs, not CDs.

So just use ISO9660 with Extensions within CDs.

But I am [B]NOT[/B] looking for more features (LESS would be better!)
Call me reactionary, but I just want to burn DATA in a format that I can read elsewhere. Nero, et al are [I]wonderful[/I], I’m sure, but I have been happy with XP’s built-in CD burning for many years, and Vista’s new CD writing seems [U]a giant step backwards [/U]to me.

I’d [B]LOVE[/B] to. (That was the point of my post.) Microsoft Vista seems to have made that almost impossible to use anything but UDF/LFS.

Somebody tell me I’m wrong ([I]please[/I]).

What were the compelling reasons for ‘upgrading’ to Vista?

Then use a real burning app like Nero…