Burn CD wont play in car stereo

2 different computers 1 using XP the other using win98.
Burnng Cds using nero 5.5.39 version in a HP cdwriter plus 8200
and a newer generic 24X10X40 burner. Burning MP# to audio
and they play great in computer but not in the car systems
ford 2000 factory system. They did play in my old VW that had a Pioneer system in it. Any toughs?
Also tried it in a cheap emerson CD player and it played the 1st track fine but nothing else. weird
email me with any help

Car stereos can be very picky about CD-R playback. I would suggest using only high quality blanks and burning them at a lowish speed, say 8X, to ensure good car stereo compatibility.

First of all make sure you are not burning onto CD-RW discs. These do not work in any audio equipment except for computers.

You have to burn onto CD-R’s. It doesn’t matter what brand or how expensive the discs are, they all should play MP3 files. This is a big misconception people have. They think the more expensive the CD-R the better quality. This is a joke.

Anyway, maybe it is your CD writer or it could be the speed at which you write it to the CD. Try a slower speed.

Other than that it must be your CD player in your car. A few can’t read MP3 files.


had the same probs, i found burning them at x8 the car cd player wasnt interested. slowed them down to 4 and away they went…
used nero 5599 and mp7200a ricoh, used verbatim discs good luck my friend

oh i forgot, if im doing a back up of an original cd i use clone and use the audio preference, hope this helps