Burn CD with data in GB



i have a CD of MS SQL Server 2000 (Enterprise ed. & Std. ed.).the cd drive shows 540MB but the inside folder is of 889MB. 889MB folder is correct as it has 2 editions of sql svr.

i also have a cd of w2k3 server. cd drive shows 665MB, but the inside folder containing the 3 editions (std, web,ent) shows 1.5GB. .very correct as 1 of the w2k3 server requiers 550MB space.

can any one tell me how it works
also the data in both are not compressed.



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This could be a form of protection. If the files are on a CD they cannot be bigger than 700mb.



This is called: illegal TOC and can be copied by CloneCD, Alcohol120% & BlindWrite.

Check your CD’s with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID.

You can also check $CyBeRwIz$ his CD Freaks Offline Help Guide.

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