Burn CD with C#




I want to burn data to a cd from a C# program. Until now I’ve read about how to do that via the XP IMAPI burning interface and the Nero SDK. These two options however require my users to have WinXP or Nero installed. Isn’t there some free software that I can include in my program for the burning?

Thanks in advance!


There is a FREE C# .NET component out on the web called “XPBurn.” Although I haven’t used it yet myself, it looks like it’ll fit the bill for most in-program cd burning requirements. If you Google “XPBurn” you’ll not only find the download from Microsoft, but you also find some code samples from other sources.

Hope this helps.


I’ve already seen XPBurn, it uses the IMAPI burn engine, which is only available on WinXP.
Thanks anyway.