Burn cd have user billing



help me pls how i can know how many times i have burn cd in my pc in a day? does any 1 have that name’s of program to count how many i burn may cd in my pc thanks


Try a Journal and pen. Oh ya I can’t fricking understand you also.


Ohhhhhhh, chill man :wink:


I understood the question. But as far as I’m aware, there is no software that’ll do that (I could be wrong, though).

As suggested, write it down each time you burn. :slight_smile:


Sorry it is the Irish in me. LOL.


I can understand getting frustrated with some of the posters and the questions they ask but there is no need to be this rude to anyone.
A maxim taught to me is, speak to and treat others as you would like to be spoken to or treated yourself in other words respect is a two way street.
If you can’t be bothered to be this way then don’t post unnecessary remarks, or don’t post at all.


Christ even I’m not that rude, and I have Irish blood in my family too.

As suggested just make a mark fo each one you do: IIII etc. Daft wuestion but why would you want to keep a record of how many discs you have burnt?


Well I know that but his post was kind of unnecessary. All though it would be nice to have a app that could keep track of how many cds you burn. Cause I would like to know how many I burn in a year, without having to write it down.


Yes such an application would be usefull but I look at the empty cake boxes and work out what I’ve done. :slight_smile:


4 Id33k:

knowing how many cds you burn surely have a big importance to other people.
especially if your running a piracy business.


i could do that but you have to state your objective first.


does any body have that app ? pls help thanks