Burn CD Cue files To DVD. Possible?



Hi, i was just wondering if this is actually possible.

I have some games for the PSX that i have ripped to the Hard drive with either Clone CD or Alcohol into cue, bin or img files.

As i am having compatibility problems reading the burned CDs with my modded ps2. I was wondering if it would be possible to burn the Cue and img files to a DVD as opposed to a CD. So with the DVD-Rom bitsetting may improve the compatibility and let me play me PSX backups on my PS2 with no hassles.

But Both Alcohol and CloneCD dont seem to want to burn the images to my blank DVD. They both claim not enough size for the image which is rediculous as the disk is brand new and empty.

Is this possible and if so how would i do it. As i want to be able to use my PSX backups on my PS2 as i dont want damage to come to my original PSX games as they are coming somehwhat rare to replace these days.



ImgBurn might do this for you. Bin files are in CD format & not compatible with the blocksize on DVDs. ImgBurn should (certainly DVD Decrypter did) convert the format on the fly.


Yes, Alcohol won’t do this due to the different file formats.