Burn bootable cdrom from floppy / image

Hi, I’m trying to burn a bootable cd rom and I just can’t seem to do it. I’ve tried with Roxio CD Creator, and with Nero burning demo.

What I have is a Ghost boot floppy disk, and I want to make a bootable cd rom version of it. I tried instructions that I found in various guides on the net, as well as the instructions in the Nero help, but it still doesn’t work.

My various results have been:

  • cd’s with my floppy disk image burned onto the cd as a file that shows up on the disk.
  • cd’s that produce the error NTLDR Missing when I try to boot from them
  • cd’s that produce the error No boot disk found (well, I forget the exact error message, but basically it just says that the cd is not bootable)
  • cd’s with nothing on them (lol)

I really just don’t know what to try next, any ideas or possibly links to good guides?


@ bludshot:

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Btw, which version of Ghost are you using? You could always just have Ghost burn the cd (hdd image) for you, and I believe there is an option for making the cd bootable … or it may just do that by default.

I’ve used Ghost 2003 … but, the burn quality was absolutely horrid (it burns at 2.4x on my Benq 1620), so I’m extremely reluctant to burn something so vital as a hdd image at that low quality level. And, I also noticed it only allows you to create boot discs to floppies only. Possibly, this was improved in later versions.

The Ghost boot floppy you have … is it 1 or 2 floppies? I looked into this a while ago, and I wasn’t able to figure out exactly how to get the 2nd floppy image into the cd boot files.

If 1 floppy disc, you can use Nero to make a Data Disc (“Bootable Data Disc”), and direct it to your floppy disk for the boot files. Then, create your compilation.

If you’re trying to run the Ghost image restore from an image on the cd/dvd as well, then it’s a little trickier. Ghost 2003 was really particular about whether the disc was created by Ghost or not. If not, you have to use the certain Boot Disk for discs not created by Ghost (in Boot Disk wizard).

The problem is you end up with 2 floppy discs (1 with the boot image and another with ‘ghost.exe’), and you have to edit autoexec.bat to make it work properly … which I didn’t invest the time to figure out.

I just ended up creating a bootable DVD (Nero - ‘bootable data disc’) from a Windows 98 Boot Disk floppy, and I just added my Ghost image files onto the DVD … as well as (very important) add the ‘ghost’ folder (which holds the ‘ghost.exe’ to run Ghost from DOS) to the root directory of the dvd/cd. Once you startup Windows from the bootable cd/dvd, just get to the DOS prompt, and switch to the directory and folder which contains ‘ghost.exe’. Just manually run ‘ghost.exe’, and you’re good to go.

Hopefully, that helps.