Burn bloat?


just spent the evening binning most of my new cd-rw’s ~ problem is, my pc has so many freakin burners on it they are falling over each other to burn discs and totally fasing the optical drives

i got Windows Media burn, iTunes burn, Nero burn, Mixcraft burn, Realtime burn - some of these i never asked for - so now when i want to burn something nothing happens while all the softwares battle each other to get to the drives … 10 minutes later one will win out and i get a bubble telling me the file is ready to burn - 9 minutes earlier i get messages telling me ‘burn failed’ ‘insert disc’ (when a disc is already in there), ‘disc is not blank’ ‘disc is damaged’ etc, etc - the last disc i was about to eject and bin, along with all the others, when i noticed it had been playlisted: one of the burners had burned the file to disc and it was just sitting there in the drive

is there a way to default to just ONE burner please?

it would save me a sack of cds :-o



Do you have all these programs in your startup menu?
None of them should start when your computer starts. Go into each programs settings and correct this or just remove the ones you don’t need.

If you don’t need it, remove Packet Writing softwares like Nero’s inCD from your PC, they sometimes conflict with other programs unseen (eg. you need to hunt and spend time finding what is conflicting).
Even tho you removed it, there may be remnants left over so keep that in mind.

packet writing allows you to add files to your CD-RW or DVD-RW as you would a floppy disk, little by little, file by file

I never heard some of the burning programs you mentioned, they aren’t spyware are they? :S

thanks - spyware no - MixCraft is a software mixer for audio projects: when i’ve got something i want i burn it to disc perhaps to use in disc format or just to archive it; as soon as i put a blank disc in the drive i will get Windows (burn) popping up so i cancel it then select the MC burn: last night MC did its thing but a milli second after the MC ‘success’ message appeared a Windows pop-up appeared saying ‘burn failed’ and the disc remained static in the drive - the drive said there was a disc in there but not what was on it, just a disc: eventually i managed to work out the MC burn had been successful but the other conflicting burn software had jumped in and derailed the final MC action of ejecting successfully burned discs ~ it then went on to tell me the burn had failed: at this point a perfectly good disc can hit the trash can, it is driving me sideways

equally, Windows was always my default [I]player[/I], now when there’s a recorded disc in the drive iTunes player turns up - there’s nothing wrong with iTunes Player (or RealPlayer) but the cumulative effect is to be swamped with software often conflicting as above

because ultimately the whole pc gets fased with long delays when you ask it to burn stuff and ‘hung appliance’ episodes and the cause is conflicting software burners/players

actually iT is a freakin nuisance, everybody swears by it and it seems to be integral to many programmes now (Flash etc?) but i have never had good results from it and now it appears to be trying to take over my disc-playing utility: i have [I]never [/I]opted for iT by default, ever,[I] ever[/I]

thanks Sorensen and Dialysis


is there a way to default to just ONE burner please?

Put a blank in your drive without any app running. When it’s settled down right click on your burner-> Properties-> Autoplay. Choose ‘Blank CD’. Tick ‘Select Action’ then choose. I’d opt for ‘Take no action’ then hit ‘Apply’.

i will try this - many thanks :wink: